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Dr. Bruce W. Romeo



Dr. Bruce Romeo is the son of a doctor and father of a doctor. He received a BS degree from Duke University and an MPH from University of Pittsburgh before receiving his MD degree from the University of South Alabama in 1982. After completing his residency in Internal Medicine in 1985, the rest of his life has been devoted to patient care.  He was in a busy private practice in North Carolina for 10 years where he directed the complete care of some 4000 patients including in-hospital and critical care. He then moved to Birmingham and continued in Internal Medicine for another 5 years before beginning an Occupational Medicine practice in 2000 which became Alabama Comp in 2001. Since then Dr. Romeo has cared for over 25,000 on-the-job injuries in addition to performing countless pre-employment and DOT physicals. He is certified as an independent medical examiner and has performed some 3,000 disability examinations for the Disability Determination Service in addition to numerous independent medical exams, fitness for duty evaluations, impairment ratings and functional capacity evaluations. He is also frequently called upon to review medical records and give testimony in workers’ compensation cases and as an expert medical witness.