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DNA TESTS in Birmingham Alabama

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Our DNA Tests include:


  • Legal Paternity DNA Testing – Out-of-State Tests available
  • Non-Legal Paternity DNA Testing – At-Home & Out-of-State Kits available
  • Grand parentage/Siblingship/Avuncular DNA Testing available
  • Immigration & Refugee DNA Testing (Embassy, USCIS & Passport Processing available)
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What is a Paternity Test?

A Paternity DNA Test is a DNA test that compares the DNA of a child to the DNA of an Alleged Father. It is also advised and optimal to also compare the DNA to the child’s mother. The test then checks the DNA match to determine the probability of paternity.

What is the price of a paternity test?

  • Private or Basic (informational only) – $189
  • Legally admissible – $289
  • Each additional child – $75
  • Testing of a non-buccal swab (toothbrush, cigarette butt, etc.) – additional $100



How long will it take to get my paternity test results?

Test results are available in an average of 2 to 4 business days after specimens are collected from all tested parties.




To determine the biological father of your child, get the Chain of Custody DNA Paternity Test. This test gives you an accurate determination (with an average probability of paternity of 99.9%) of who the child’s biological father is. This test must be used when a person is attempting to seek or deny child support, child custody or visitation; seek medical, social security or military benefits; add or remove a Name from the child’s birth certificate and/or Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity; immigration; and adoption.


The process is very simple and easy. It starts by collecting epithelial cell (skin cell) samples using a soft swab rubbed on the inside cheeks of the mouth to obtain DNA from the child and the alleged father. A sample from the mother is not required, but can be useful. With mother’s participation, the lab will be able to determine which half of the child’s DNA was contributed by the mother; therefore, the remaining DNA must then match the alleged father. Then the DNA of the potential father is analyzed to determine the probability that his genetic markers are found in the child. This is known as a percentage of probability of paternity. Our professional medical assistant will rub soft swabs on the inside of both cheeks of the child and possible father, and any additional participants, to determine the paternity of a single child.  If you have a specimen with DNA on it, please ask our medical assistant if we are able to do the test on your specimen and for additional pricing.

Why do I need a DNA paternity test?

If you need test results for legal purposes, get the Chain of Custody DNA Paternity Test. Review the reasons why people need legally-admissible paternity tests in the Description area, above.


If you don’t need results for legal purposes and you just want to know an answer, customers typically get the Basic DNA Paternity Test. It is important to note that the test results for a Basic DNA Paternity Test will not contain names of the tested parties, and cannot later be used as legal evidence.



This test will reflect the probability of paternity. A “0” means he is not the father.


High probability of paternity indicates:

An extremely high probability of paternity indicates that the alleged father is the father, generally 99% or greater.



Low or no probability of paternity indicates:

A “0” genetic match means the alleged father is not the father.


A low probability of paternity could indicate that the alleged father is not the father. If another biological family member is suspected as an alleged father, it is recommended they also participate in the testing.

Paternity Tests In Birmingham Alabama

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