B-12 Weightloss

Have you been struggling to lose weight?  Need more energy?

If so, schedule an appointment or walk-in to see our medical team to get your B-12 shots, dietary consultation and appetite suppressants (when medically indicated). There’s no up-selling for supplements or long-term commitments for expensive weight- loss programs. Simply find what’s right for you, pay as you go and pay for just what you need:

  • B-12: $15
    • B-12 ingredients here…
  •   B-12 Ultra: $20
    • B-12 ultra ingredients here . . .
  •   Medical consultation (with appetite suppressant prescriptions, when medically indicated): $75

*There is no magic bullet when it comes to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.  Our medical team recommends that you make smart food choices and exercise regularly in conjunction with our medically supervised weight loss programs.


Call or text 205-999-7644 to schedule an appointment today.